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CSR (Corporate social responsibility) (Environmental & climatic changes; health & safety; social responsibility) Responsibility for environmental & climatic changes:

Chinsan is a member of The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and we adhere to the RBA Code of Conduct. As a RBA member we have joined the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) initiative of RBA and Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI). The initiative is a way for companies to address conflict minerals issues and responsible mineral sourcing issues in their supply chains. Taiwan Chinsan Electronics Industrial Co. Ltd. is in full support of sourcing conflict free minerals and have implemented due diligence programs to verify conflict mineral free sourcing.

The environmental policy of Chinsan

Abiding by laws and regulations; conservation through innovation; ensuring the participation of all stakeholders; active prevention of pollution

In addition to adhering to product quality and customer satisfaction, Chinsan is also aware of the impact of relevant business activities, products or services on the environment and occupational safety and health. Chinsan is now dedicated to promoting the protection of global environment, preventing pollution, and setting the highest standard of occupational safety and health of employees. Chinsan promises:

  1. To abide by various national and international laws and regulations on environment and occupational safety and health; set up a desirable management system of environment and occupational safety and health; keep the promises of environment and occupational safety and health in the agreements signed with relevant parties (e.g. SONY SS-00259 forbidden substances; RoHS forbidden substances), prevent environment-contaminating substances from input, production or output, and ensure the zero pollution of the environment.
  2. To thoroughly carry out the conservation and recycling of energies and resources, and reduce the wastage of resources;
  3. To carry out various regulations on the management of environment and occupational safety and health, actively check and examine the effectiveness of implementation, make continuous improvement, and strive for sustainable operation.
  4. To advocate correct concepts of the environment and occupational safety and health, develop a good habit of preventing pollution, reducing wastage and paying attention to safety and health, and call on all employees to participate in the campaign of environmental protection and social responsibility.
  5. To prioritize industrial safety and the health of employees ; carry out all activities on the basis of safety and health.
  6. To provide the information about environment and occupational safety and health and the exchange of experience, and enable customers, suppliers and relevant parties to understand our company guideline on environment and occupational safety and health.
  7. To publicize our company guideline on environment and occupational safety and health, and the state of implementation, and make due contribution to the protection of the earth and the harmonious symbiosis of nature.

Description of the green project

To abide by international standards on environmental protection and national laws and regulations on environmental protection, we have set up ISO14001 Environmental Management System in 2003, so as to ensure environmental quality, reach the standards on environmental protection, dedicate ourself to protecting the environment, saving energy, reducing carbon, recycling resources and reducing resource wastage, ensure that all of our employees participate in the campaign of environmental protection, maintain the natural environment and ecology of the earth, and enable all things to live and grow naturally. In addition, we offer green products and technologies to customers in every aspect of its business activities and in all its facilities. ISO14001 certification was attained in January 2004.

The influence of Chinsan products in environment

Society now has greater demand for corporate social responsibility. On the relevant environmental problems of products, RoHS Directive (RoHS-2002/95/EC) (The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) which is carried out in EU countries was put into effect in July 2006. 2002/96/EC Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) aims to recycle discarded substances and use them in electrical and electronic equipment. Chinsan began to introduce PET material and stop using PVC in 2004. In 2005, it completely introduced environmentally-friendly material, so that our products could continuously meet the demands of EU RoHS and WEEE. In addition, abiding by laws and regulations of each country and region (including China) is the unshirkable responsibility of Chinsan. To fulfill our social responsibility, we try to improve our risk management and make due social contribution. Chinsan will make continuous efforts to fulfill its social responsibility in the future.

To ensure that the risk of the impact of Chinsan products in the environment can be minimized, we take the following actions

Technical Department:
  1. Understand the requirements of laws and regulations, and begin to choose environmentally-friendly material from product design.
  2. Choose very safe and reliable critical parts.
  3. Remove the risks of design defects and ensure the safety in the whole process from production and abandonment.
  4. Offer environmentally-friendly tests to material, manufacturing procedures and finished products.
Business Department:
  1. Set up correct product knowledge, and offer accurate environmentally-friendly information to customers.
  2. Understand laws and regulations and customers’ requirements about environmental protection, and feed back the information to the environmental protection team in time.
  3. Offer punctual and correct analysis to the environmental protection and safety of customers.
Quality Assurance Department:
  1. Set up correct product knowledge, and offer accurate environmentally-friendly information to customers.
  2. Collect laws and regulations about environmental protection and customers’ information about environmental protection, and understand and learn the requirements of laws and regulations and customers.
  3. Receive professional training of environmental protection, and get to know the latest trend of environmental protection.
  4. Appraise the company’s material and the products’ requirements about environmental protection, carry out spot check and test, and entrust a third testing organization (e.g. SGS, CTI, ITS, and TUV) for confirmation, and ensure that all products meet the latest requirements of environmental protection.
  5. Exert management over the process of harmful substances, and adopt internal check.
  6. Analyze customer complaints and continuously enhance products’ performance of environmental friendliness and security.
Purchase and Manufacturing Department:
  1. Purchase qualified and environmentally-friendly material and parts and components to ensure their safety.
  2. Convey Chinsan’s environmental-protection requirements to suppliers, strengthen safety management with suppliers, and sign agreements of environmental protection and safety with them.
  3. Stop using and producing any material or part and component with environmental-protection defects, and ensure a safe and reliable production.
  4. Prevent the pollution of material, semi-finished products, finished products and production line, and ensure a clean and environmentally-friendly production.
  5. Test and confirm the material, auxiliary material, parts and components and tools used in the production at regular intervals, and ensure the safety and environmental friendliness of material and equipment.
Climatic change

Climatic change is one of the greatest challenges faced by various countries, governmental departments, the economic field and the public in the future. It will exert influence on both human health and the nature, and may bring a huge change to the means of the utilization and production of resources and other economic activities. In the face of these changes, Chinsan should make an active response to the appeal of the world and the government, and work out measures and actions, to limit the temperature of greenhouse gas (GHG) in the atmosphere. Chinsan has set up a GHG check team to define a reasonable examination category for the organization boundary of the company.

Receive the training of external organizations, and ensure the accuracy of examination. Assist various customers in completing the specific examination and calculating the carbon volume of products.

Health & safety

To abide by the requirements of international conventions and national laws and regulations on industrial safety, and maintain industrial safety and employees’ occupational health, Chinsan began to introduce Occupational Safety and Health Management System(OHSAS18001)in 2009, ensure that its product meet the requirements of the standards for the design health of industrial enterprises, prevent occupational harms, reduce the risks of occupational safety and health, and ensure the health of people.

Occupational safety

Chinsan conducts safe and reasonable designs to all machines and equipment in workplace in strict accordance with the design health standards for industrial enterprises, install protective devices (e.g. baffle, optical grating and automatic devices) for machines and equipment and offer continuous trainings about safety knowledge, protect employees from any potential risk in workplace, carry out hygienic appraisal and periodical test to harmful factors in workplace, offer the safety and health physical examination of occupational diseases to employees who may suffer from occupational harms in workplace, and ensure the safety of workplace and the health of employees.

Emergency preparation

To ensure the safety in emergencies, Chinsan carries out emergency meeting plans, offers training of firefighting safety and carries out a rehearsal every year, sets up safety evacuation channels and escape marks in a reasonable way, and adopt other measures.

Public health, restaurant and dormitory

Chinsan provides its employees with clean toilet facilities, drinking water, clean food preparation and storage facilities, meals and utensils. This company pays attention to the physical and mental health of its employees at any moment, sets up an employee food committee, periodically organizes employee representatives to attend the committee, offer reasonable suggestions on improvement, and continuously offer qualified diets in restaurants.

Social responsibility
  • Labor policy
    • This company neither employs children nor forces employee to work.
    • This company does not discriminate any of its employees on the excuse of race, skin color, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability., pregnancy, religion, political identity, mass organization or trade union or marital status.
    • This company respects and protects its employees’ human rights such as free association and assembly, and allows its employees to conduct public and direct communication with the management.
    • This company abides by relevant labor laws and regulations and the relevant standards of customers, and pays salary and benefit to employees in a reasonable way.
  • Business ethic policy
    • Do business honestly, not engage in any illegal behavior.
    • Prevent any improper transaction from occurring, and not engage in any activity that conflicts with the company’s interests.
    • Record data truthfully and completely, and publicize relevant information.
    • Present gifts or entertain visitors in an appropriate way.
    • Respect intellectual property rights, and keep the information of customers, the company and the impeachers as confidential.
  • Participate in social and public benefit activities
    • This company sincerely participates in various social activities by adhering to the philosophy of rewarding the society.
    • Donation to Sichuan earthquake in 2008.
    • Chinsan employee participation in blood donation.
    • Donation to 8/8 Flood in Taiwan.
    • Donation to Japan earthquake and tsunami relief in 2011.
    • Together with Chinsan Employees – the yearly donation of Ambulance Vehicles to districts and counties in need.
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