Precautions against counterfeit ELITE Capacitors

Thank you very much for your support and choosing our ELITE capacitors

We have recently detected some counterfeit capacitors been sold on the worldwide market labeled with the ELITE brand. These counterfeit capacitors have not been sold through the official channels of our sales branches, sales subsidiaries and distributors. We are very concerned about the negative impact these counterfeit capacitors may have on your products as unlike real ELITE capacitors, they do not meet the quality assurance standards of JIS-C-5101-4. ELITE is actively working to eliminate counterfeit capacitors, however, unfortunately it is difficult to rule out all the unofficial channels completely. These counterfeit capacitors show close similarity to our regular products and it is difficult to distinguish and recognize them by appearance alone. We, therefore, strongly recommend our customers to purchase ELITE products only through our official sales channels.

For approaching our official sales channels or any questions, we invite you to contact us by browsing the list of official sales channels on our website: www.chinsan.com

Please note that we take no responsibility for any failure or damages caused through the use of counterfeit capacitors. We look forward to your continued patronage. Thank you and best regards.

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